Johnston Drug Diabetes Program

Nationally Accredited Diabetes Self-management Program


Press Release: Johnston Drug Diabetes Program becomes a Medicare Certified Diabetes Self-Management Education program through AADE-Accreditation


Johnston Drug Diabetes Program was recently named an accredited diabetes education program by the American Association of Diabetes Educators (AADE), a National Accredited Organization (NAO), certified by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS). This will allow the people with Diabetes in and around Shelby County increased access to high quality diabetes education services.

Diabetes education is a collaborative process through which people with or at risk for diabetes gain the knowledge and skills needed to modify behavior and successfully self-manage the disease and its related conditions. The program is comprehensive and taught by diabetes educators who have extensive training.

Johnston Drug Diabetes program will be offering classes at the following locations on a monthly basis: Clarence Care Center, Salt River Community Care of Shelbina and Knox County Nursing Home of Edina. To register for a class or to get more information, please call (660) 699-2432.

“In its 35 years of existence, Johnston Drug has long been committed to making the lives of those with diabetes more enjoyable and lasting. Owner, Jim Johnston, is a Certified Diabetes Educator and has provided diabetes education, diabetic foot assessments and diabetic footwear to our community. The addition of an accredited diabetes program gives our rural area access to resources that were previously only available further away from home” said Alicyn Magruder, PharmD, Program Coordinator for the Johnston Drug Diabetes Program.

“AADE’s accreditation assures that an accredited program meets the National Standards for Diabetes Self-Management Education and Support. Programs who meet this criteria are considered high quality and have been shown to improve the health status of the individuals who embrace the education and help to modify sometimes unhealthy behaviors, or simply provide the education that the person with diabetes has not previously received” said Leslie E. Kolb, RN, BSN, MBA, Accreditation Director for the Diabetes Education Accreditation Program. “Johnston Drug Diabetes Program is exactly the type of program we envisioned when we set up our accreditation in 2009.”

Why Diabetes Self-managment Classes?

Diabetes educators help people with diabetes:

  • Learn basic information about diabetes and its management
  • Understand how to use diabetes devices, such as blood glucose meters, insulin pens, insulin pumps and continuous glucose monitors
  • Adopt healthy eating habits through nutrition education, including meal-planning, weight-loss strategies and other disease-specific nutrition counseling
  • Develop problem-solving strategies and skills to self-manage diabetes
  • Monitor blood glucose and learn how to interpret and appropriately respond to the results
  • Understand how their medications work, including their action, side effects, efficacy, toxicity, prescribed dosage and more
  • Develop skills for handling stressful situations

Diabetes self-management training is a benefit covered by Medicare and some health plans when provided by a diabetes educator within an accredited/recognized program.

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