August 8th Newsletter-Small Changes, Big Difference

Making small diet improvements over time may lower your risk of dying, according to a new study.

The findings suggest that eating a healthy diet may not have to be all or nothing. Adding healthy habits over time could also help you live longer. So we wanted to give you some ideas on small healthy changes you can make one step at a time. Pick one you like and try it this week.

1. When you go out to eat, substitute the usual french fries for a healthier option.

2. Make over your fridge and pantry. Put healthy options at eye level

such as fruits and veggies, hide or completely remove unhealthier options.

3. Start looking at nutrition labels to understand what food choices you are making.

4. Leave about one-quarter of your normal serving off your plate for every food at a meal each day, slow start doing it to all your meals.

5. Eat your vegetables first, to help you fill up before eating too much of other options.

6. Drink more water through out the day. Keep track of how much you drink and try to get 8 glasses in!

7. Meal Prep or Snack Prep: Vegetables often require cleaning, chopping, and/or cooking. But when all you want is to dive into a bag of chips, you’re not as likely to clean, chop, or cook. So keep healthy foods in ready-to-eat portions.